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Come to Bill Kay Nissan and get the maximum value for a trade-in vehicle. Our options make it easy:

  • Bring your vehicle for a no obligation on-site appraisal (for the most accurate value)
  • Call the dealership at (630) 358-7067 and speak with our Specialists for any information you may need
  • Use the online tool provided. The final value will depend on the car’s condition and local market factors that are mostly channeled by “value-tools” available online.

How To Maximize Your Used Car’s Worth?

When it’s time to buy or lease a new vehicle, it may be time to get rid of the old vehicle. In order to maximize the value of your old car, truck or SUV; you should always try to keep it clean and up-to-date on scheduled maintenance. Just getting the oil change regularly can significantly improve your vehicle’s engine’s performance, which will pay off at the end when you try to sell it.



One of the simplest methods to get a precise worth for your trade-in is to have it done by our Nissan dealership. Our specialists have years of experience as well as expertise to give you the very best value for your trade-in.


Sell Us Your Car

We give you the best value for used cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, and sports cars. Want to sell your old car? Let us make you an offer today, whether or not you purchase or lease from us!

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